Online Giving

At Baywood Church, we believe that giving should be a joyful response to a life changed by the gospel. We invite you to pray and reflect on what God has done for you in Christ that you may respond joyfully!

For your convenience, you have the option to make a quick one-time gift or a recurring gift through your checking account by clicking the link below. You can easily login to see how much you’ve given throughout the year, as well as edit your payment or contact information.

As soon as your gift is sent, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will provide a confirmation number and information about how to contact us if you need to make a change in your gift. Please save the confirmation number until you receive your formal receipt, in case there is a need to contact us about the gift. Electronic funds transfer and credit card servicing regulations require us to send you this confirmation. This is why we must have your email address. Your telephone number is also required as a second means for us to contact you if necessary. Neither your telephone number nor your email address will ever be sold, traded, loaned or otherwise made available to anyone outside of Baywood Church financial staff. A formal, tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you by postal mail within 7-15 working days. All gifts are date-stamped for year-end tax purposes.

The ministry of Baywood Church is funded by God’s provision through the tithes and offerings of faithful Baywood Church members and attenders. Baywood Church works very hard to ensure we are doing everything possible to properly manage the financial resources that God has entrusted to us. We honor God’s provision by pursuing wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Baywood Church remains beyond reproach.

Our mission is facilitated through our system of internal controls over financial reporting and our internal budgeting and reporting processes. We also voluntarily invest in an annual audit performed by an independent, certified public accounting firm.

Members of Baywood Church may request a copy of our most recent budget or ask general questions about our financial practices at any time by contacting us. Click here to contact us.

If you have questions about the online giving process, please call Baywood’s Online Giving Services at 910-483-2916.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I miss the weekend service, can I still make a contribution?

Yes. If you are not able to give at one of our weekend services but would still like to make a contribution, you can either mail in your check or cash donation, or go to our online giving site and make a one-time donation.

Can I give a cash donation and still get tax-deductible credit?

Yes, you can. Place your cash into a clearly marked & sealed envelope, with your name, address, and contact information.

How long will it take for you to process my donation?

For all of our donations (online, cash, check, weekend service, by mail, etc.), please allow 5-7 days for it to clear your account. If you do not see that it has gone through after one week, please contact us so that we can investigate the issue.

Can I mail an offering payment?

You can mail in cash or a check (made payable to “Baywood Church”) at any time. Please send it to the following address:

The Baywood Church
Attn: Contributions
1830 Baywood Church
Fayetteville, NC 28312

How can I pay during your church service?

Every weekend we offer several opportunities for you to offer your gift by placing it in the offering bucket during our worship service. For your convenience, offering envelopes are available for your gift of cash. If you would like offering envelopes please contact our finance department at or call 910.483.2916.

If I make a contribution to the church, how I do know where my money is going?

Unless otherwise designated on your gift, all donations go to our general budget.